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Provide all necessary advice and answers before work

 View the best factories and goods in the Chinese market

Provide full price quotes and suit all categories

The conclusion of necessary contracts, agreements and government documents

Preparing, processing, packaging and follow-up step by step

Transfer and deliver them safely and on time as you wish
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Choose the right hospital and specialistThe possibility of opening files and booking with the best doctors

Providing transportation to and from the hospital

Translation service provided

Provision of special care complexes

The possibility of pursuing treatment and after-use communication

Pre-attendance medical consultations for all specialties
Establishing a website with the highest standards and available bases

Creating a video about the company (Motion Graphics - Photography)

Preparing special designs for publishing on Media Media

 Cover all the necessary publications for the company with the highest

Advertising and electronic media in all available ways
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Help identify favorite products in import for China

 Gathering information about all the standards, requirements and crisis

 Obtain all necessary government papers and transactions

 Obtain foreign trade registration and follow up all procedures

 Communicate with the agent to clear the goods and follow the movements of the goods until they arrive safely
Guidance to China Education System

Consultation and application service

Education Overview in China

Show schools provide hot program

Introduction to policy and laws relating to international education

Details of Chinese government grant programs

Provides an index of universities, colleges and schools in China

Provides instant online consultation service to China
Provide advice to all persons and establishments in the fields of legal work

Formulating all types of contracts and agreements for companies and individuals

Management of real estate transactions and the integration of legal knowledge

Protect your intellectual property or industry in your transactions within China

Provision of government protection within the country
Business translators in all services and in all languages

Translation of documents, official papers and commercial contracts

Reliable translation in official meetings
خدمات التسويق الإلكتروني .. بمساعدتنا سي
Provide all necessary requirements to open a new electronic market

 Preparation of necessary government papers

 Coordinate with factories, packaging and delivery companies

 Manage and deliver the sales level periodically monthly and annually

 Advertising, media and product management

 Ensure the product arrives for the customer correctly
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